"Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vintage Autumn Beauty

I love Autumn so much!  Its my favortie season, hands down ;)  Probably because it has all my favorite things in it.  Color, cool weather, bonfires, hayrides, leggings, sweatshirts, boots, hot cider...I love it!
      I went outside the other day to sit in some leaves and read a book when I was inspired to take some pictures....so here they are....
I'm in love with the Sepia setting on my camera!!!

This picture is my absolute favorite!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Awesome Weekend Catch-up!

Well hellooo all!  I feel like I've been gone forever even though its only been four days ;)
So while i've been away from this, I've been spending some quality time with my BFF Sierra!  I went to her house Friday following a youth group barn party.  The party was great!  Thank goodness for the warm cider, cause I was freezing, especially on the hay ride ;)  We played some tug of war as well, but I couldn't play because of my sliced fingers ;(  It was torture really.
          I worked Friday at the butcher shop and sliced my finger really badly with the large knife I was using.  Thankfully I didn't have to get stitches, but it has kept me from playing certain games and from practicing my banjo ;(
      My poor fingers... It doesn't look too bad, but i sure had enough band aids ;)  My thumb is also nicked up, but you can't see it in this picture:

Anyway, so for the hayride we took two wagons and headed down the road and made a large loop around the countryside.  It was awesome!!!  But sooo cold!  My one friend and I got a pillow and blanket and curled up in the straw the second time we went.  I think I coulda fell asleep there :)

Sorry for the bad quality.  My one friend took it on his phone ;)

The party ended around 10:30pm, so Sierra and I went home and just crashed in her room.  We stayed up until almost 1am talking ;)  I used to be able to pull all nighters, but something happened... I just get so tired.

Her adorable little dog came to cuddle with me while I was waiting for her to finish her shower.  I love this little thing!  He's so sweet!

So, Saturday morning she had a soccer game, so I went along to watch.  There were three different age groups playing, so I wasn't bored at all ;)
When we were leaving, I was crossing the stone parking lot and I was nearly run over by a cute guy in a convertable ;)  Perhaps I should have been excited, but I was actually a little freaked out and I ran the rest of the way to avoid being run into.  I know I'm exaggerating a bit, but he was spinning out, and I really wanted to get out of his way...though part of me wanted to stand right on front of him and tell him what I thought of his attempted "showoff".  But I didn't...

Once we got home, we decided to take a walk to the farmer's stand down from her house and but some apples.  We weren't allowed to walk along the main road, so we had to cut across the back of the farmer's property.  We were a little freaked out about being found, and we got a really bad giggle fit when we were walking through the tomato patch trying not to slip on rotten tomatoes.  Hehe!  Its a miracle no one heard us.  then we came across a "Beware of Dog" sign.  I decided then and there that we were just going to hurry home no matter who saw us.  I wasn't about to be attacked by a dog!

Some mud we found during our walk...
naturally, i had to step in it ;)

 Playing Imagine Iff...

 Being silly after showers... ;)
Sunday morning we realized we had matching shoes just in different colors, so we decided to get a picture.
Anyway, i had a great time!  Thank God for best friends!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be Random.....

Just a few random pictures!  I got a camera card for my birthday that holds 10,000 pictures, so I've been going crazy!  A dear friend once told me that memories are so much better than pictures, but I disagree.  After all, pictures will trigger memories, right?  I guess they just have to go together ;)

 Beautiful basket of leaves...
 An autumn decoration.  the leaves are made from magazine pages.

 In the Fall when it starts getting dark, it tends to fall to me to feed the cows when my dad gets home late.  I don't mind doing it, except for the hay all over and in my clothing and the occasional slips that result in disaster. ;)  I have fallen in that muck one too many times!
 My work attire... At the butcher shop where I work we have to wear rubber boots and long rubber aprons.  I'm sure I look comical since my apron comes all the way to the floor making me sorta waddle like a penguin when I walk.  Not to mention that the floor is extremely slimy making it way too easy to slp and fall.  I'm sure I'll do that at some point...oh goodness!  I'd never hear the end of it from the guy I work with ;)

 Blowing bubbles!  I haven't done this since I was really little!  I can't believe I forgot how bad bubble solution tastes.  I was always the one putting the wand against my lip then forgetting about it and licking it .;(  Bleck!  But at any rate, I love bubbles!!!  I was running around like a nut trying to rescue them on my wand before they hit the ground ;)
Mmm!  Pumpkin bread pound cake!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Anya's Sweet 16!!!!!

My dear friend Anya recently had her sweet sixteenth birthday party ;)  I really enjoyed her party and the time all of us girls got to spend together!  She is such a sweet person and I treasure her friendship so much!  Happy (belated) birthday Anya!!!

 Eating supper...Subs!  Yummy!

Anya's adorable (homemade) cake ;)

 Playing Assasin....its way to confusing to try explaining here

 The group :)
 being crazy...it was late and we all had cake...and smores...need I say more???
 More games!!!  Four On A Couch... a very fun game that we usually play in youth group.  Great for memory skills!  ;)

(photos by Anya's mom)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Fashionables ;)

Well, since its getting a chill in the air, I know its time to dig out those Fall and winter clothing.  I thoroughly enjoy doing this every time the season changes ;)
I've put together a few outfits that I really like to wear when its cool outside.  I've tried to add where I got the pieces as well, but some I simply can't remember or they were gifts.  But anyway, enjoy!  And let me know what you think ;) (sorry for the bad quality pics)

Thrift Shop: (and no, this is not a post about that stupid song!)
Everything in these outfits was either from a Thrift Shop, or was on clearance.  Pure proof that you can look cute without spending yourself dry.
 Scarf:  Claire's  $12.99
Shirt: Thrift Store  $4.99
Aeropostale Skinny Jeans; Thrift Store  $7.99
White lace flats: Wal-Mart  $9.00
 I love these shoes so much!  They look great with skinny jeans as well as boot cut (which I normally wear)
 Scarf: Claire's  $12.99
Black Leather Jacket: Wal-Mart  $19.99
Aeropostale Skinny Jeans: Thrift Store  $7.99
Leather boots:  Fashion Bug  $9.99

 Scarf:  gift from a friend (sorry)
Sweatshirt: BonTon  $14.99
Jeans: Thrift Store  $7.99
Boots: Tractor Supply  $19.99 (my favorite store ever!)  

Though very difficult to get on, these boots are by far my favorites ;)

Scarf: JC Penny's  $--- (christmas gift)
Sweater...Don't remember (sorry! I'm trying!)
Ahhh!  My slippers!  These are made for wearing out, not to bed, and they are sooo warm and comfy!
I believe I got them at Sears for $12-$15.  I really don't remember exactly :)

Well, andyway, I hope this post was helpful to some of my female readers ;)  Sorry, but I don't specialize in guy's clothing, but believe me, I do have an opinion!  (Grin)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sweet Seventeen!

Wow!  It's hard to believe I'm 17 already.  To be honest it doesn't feel any different than 16 and 15 did :)
So, Monday was my birthday, and I spent most of it doing school and being stuck upstairs while my cake was being made.  It ended up being a great day though.  My grandparents and cousins all popped in and stayed for some of the evening to celebrate with me.

Sorry I don't have a good picture of my cake, but it was really pretty ;)
To start off the morning, though, I turned on the radio to hear my name on the birthday list.  To my great surprise and delight, i was announced as the birthday gift card winner!


I let out a really loud squeal and raced down the stairs shouting the whole way.  Lucky no one was still sleeping cause they wouldn't be after I was done ;)

But anyway, here's some birthday pics:

 Don't you just love when trick candles are put on your cake???  They dont blow out!

Confetti cake with oreo filling...Mmmmm!  But sickening.  My peice was a little too big ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

LeRoy Troy

This guy is absolutely amazing!!!  I so wanna be able to do this without dropping my banjo...but I think that's a little too much to ask of myself... (grin)
Watch all the way to the end cause it gets better as it goes. ;)
And also, just so you know, this is for real.  When he swings his banjo around he's plucking the strings with the fret hand (the left hand that holds the neck).  Like I said, he's awesome!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear One Direction Fans

Hey everyone!
I just recieved this email from the Lies Young Women Believe blog and I found it to be very true.  Terrible as it may seem, its true.  I personally don't care a hoot about One Direction, but I think its worth reading anyway.

Dear One Direction

 Dear One Direction Fan,
I get how Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis melt your heart. I do. They're sexy, they're funny, and they've been coached by the very best to know just how to tug at your heartstrings.
They're your life. You feel like they complete you. Like they're perfect. Like they love you even though they've never met you.
I don't know how to break this to you gently, but . . . it's all one beautifully packaged lie.
The truth is, they don't know you. They probably don't even care about you—other than to be grateful in a vague sense that as one of their millions of fans you give them the attention and acceptance they crave.
See, ultimately, they're no different than you. They, too, have an emptiness—a wild, restless craving to be loved and accepted.
So they get up on stage after stage to sing songs someone else wrote that play to your insecurities and send your emotions soaring and your tears falling. And then they walk off the stage and probably never think about you twice . . . or at least not in a way that's in your best interest.
It's not that I take pleasure in deflating your world. It's just that I know One Direction won't always be there for you. Like every other band in history, they will be replaced. Like every other human in history, they will die.
But through it all, their Creator and your Creator will live on. This God who sings songs over you and stores all your tears in a bottle.
This God who knows everything there is to know about you, including the number of hairs on your head.
This God who sent His Son to step onto the stage of time and perform for you on the cross because He knew you could never perform well enough to meet His perfect, holy standard.
This God who raised His Son to life again so in Him you, too, might experience new, crazy-free life.
That's what I want for you. That you'll turn from your idol and worship and serve your Creator rather than One Direction—so you can experience true joy. That you will personalize His promises the way you've personalized One Directions' lyrics. Promises no boy band could ever fulfill like:
"I will never leave you or forsake you."
"I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also."
His love is not a beautifully packaged lie. It is real. Real enough to bleed, to pursue, to wait, and to win your heart.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Roarin' Twenties Video Clips

So here's some videos Braelyn and I made since it is such a dull rainy day:

This next one is my personal favorite:
Isn't my partner just so handsome! ;D lol

And, what's a video without bloopers???
So here's one blooper.

 I assumed we were done the dance, but my partner decided we weren't.  Anyway, I was flung around a little too fast, lost my shoe, and proceeded to smack rather ungracefully onto the floor.  Oh well... what can I say?  I'm not always coordinated ;)
Please comment and let me know what you think!  I love getting comments... even from Annonymous users ;)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Grandfather's Clock

I just recently learned this song on my banjo, and I fell in love with it.  I've posted a bluegrass version as well as one sung by Burl Ives so you all can hear the words.  It's actually kinda sad...

And here is the song as sung by Burl Ives.  It's a little hard to hear, but I'll post all the words under it.

So here's the words:


My Grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf so it stood ninety years on the floor

It was taller by half than the old man himself and weighed not a pennyweight more

It was bought on the morn of the day that he was born
And was always his treasure and pride
But it stopped short never to go again when the old man died!
Ninety years without slumbering, tick-tock, tick-tock
His life seconds numbering, tick-tock, tick-tock
It stopped short never to go again when the old man died
In watching its pendulum swing to and fro many hours had he spent while a boy
And in childhood and manhood the clock seemed to know and to share both his grief and his joy
For it struck twenty-four when he entered in the door
With a blooming and beautiful bride
But it stopped short never to go again when the old man died
(repeat Refrain)
My grandfather said that of those he could hire not a servant so faithful he found
For it wasted no time and had but one desire at the close of each week to be wound
And it kept on its face not a frown upon its face
And its hand never hung by its side
But it stopped short never to go again when the old man died
(repeat Refrain)
It rang an alarm in the dead of the night–an alarm that for years had been dumb
And we knew that his spirit was pluming his flight–that the hour of departure had come
But the clock kept the time with its soft and muffled chime
As we silently stood by his side
But it stopped short never to go again when the old man died
(repeat Refrain)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Steam-O-Rama!!! Eeeep!!!!

I had soooo much fun at the Steam-O-Rama on Saturday!!!  A few friends from church took my sister and I and we spent the day there.  I haven't been there in 10 years so everything was totally new to me.  I only got sorta lost once though... more like I got separated from my people when i took off to see a helicopter land ;) They left to get lunch without me.  Hehe!  I was more concerned with seeing that helicopter land really close to me. (Something I've never seen before).  But thankfully I found Ben and Caleb who were wandering around the tractors, so I didn't feel so alone in the world.  
  And the tractor square dancing!  Oh my goodness!  That's basically the whole reason I went and I loved it! There were even old guys dressed up like girls for the dance.  It was really weird looking, but it added to the hickishness of it :D

So anyway, I had a great time (besides getting sunburned) and I got to catch up with some old friends.  I can't wait until next year!

 The view from the top of the hill...look at all those trucks!  I'm so jealous!

 A "couple" tractor square dancing.  The person on the pink tractor was actually a lady.  The rest are dressed up.

This tractor was referred to as the "Cutie with a parasol"

Here's a video of the tractor square dancing.  I had another, but it won't upload

 Horse pulls
 Watching the horse pulls
 I found a spam man in the flea market (I don't like spam, but I thought he was cute!)

The parade at the end of my time there.  I didn't get to see most of it, but I did have to sit through the steam engines.  No one informed me that the whistle as they're passing.  I nearly died of a heart attack.